The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.


The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.


Portraits Gallery

A word for parents - Our children in their golden years

Isn't it amazing how time flies in the blink of an eye? Whenever I look back at the moments my children were born 14 and 16 years ago, it still feels like yesterday.

Many regard pre-school age as golden years, they learn so much from parents and their surroundings, full of wonder and joy; each emotion so pure, honest, and precious. In the last decade I have captured countless of these wondrous moments cherished by many families.

When I look back on the images of my children in their golden years, I felt so blessed that I have preserved as much memories as I did. I hope my images will do the same for you.


Hi! My name is Eetane and I am an international award winning photographer specialising in children portraiture.

As a photographer my goal is to capture beautiful images of your child that express authenticity, connection and emotion. These memories will be priceless as time passes, and potentially serve as prompt for a conversation such as: "You were so obssessed with these red gumboots you wouldn't wear anything else!" years later.

My work focuses primarily on candid shots because I believe the unposed expressions are the most sublime.

I am a huge advocate of living life through gratitude. Apart from photography I have a strong interest in holistic health, mind body connection and frequency medicine. My family and I love nature, so in the holidays you would probably find us out camping in the Victorian High Country or amongst the many great coastal regions that Victoria has to offer!

I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page. I look forward to photographing your children soon :)

Eetane x

my why - Sharing love

Kinder photography is my community project. I see it as a way to connect with local community and provide beautiful affordable images for parents; at the same time supporting charities that are close to my heart. Part of proceeds are donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation and Monash Children Hospital.

Prints & DIGITALS Packages

The prints and digital packages are designed to be simplistic for easy decision making. As a photographer I am a massive fan on story telling. The digital packages are of great choice and value because they provide so much flexiblity for the images to be showcased and converted to all kind of different artwork, such as albums, canvas, framed prints, on mugs, personalised cards, t-shirts and more!

FAQ For Parents

What is the registration fee for?

A.The current Victoria state guidelines requires parents/ guardian permission's for a child to be photographed, the registration form consist of parents' permission, privacy and terms of service.

The registration fee is $25 per child which covers Eetane's time and talent in photographing, curating, editing, and uploading images to private galleries for viewing. The fee can be fully claimed towards the purchase in your private gallery, and is only refundable if your child is unwell or absent during the photo week.

Do I have to buy the photos?

A.There's absolutely no obligation to buy photos! It is important that parents are happy with the images before making any purchase. All purchases in each gallery will be credited with the paid registration fee to offset the total.

How do I register my child for photo session?

A.Your centre willl forward a registration link or find the link in the same email that sends you here! Or contact your centre if you are yet to receive a link to register.

How much will it cost?

A.Prints start at just $15 each and packages at $55. Please refer to the full price list above.

Can I request for siblings photos?

A.Yes, siblings attending the same centre can be photographed on parents request. Sibling photos is a complimentary service when each sibling is registered for individual portraits.

What if my child was absent during the photo week?

A.If you have registered and your child is absent the registration fee will be fully refunded. Due to tight schedule Eetane may not be able return to the centre for missed session, this will be assessed on case by case basis, please feel free to speak to the centre to find out if that can be arranged.

When do I get to view the gallery?

A.Online viewing will be available in approximately 2 weeks after the session week, a link to a password protected gallery will be sent to you by email.

Are digital copies available for purchase?

A.Yes both prints and digital copies are available for purchase individually and in packages. All digitals are delivered instantly.

Do you offer digital group photos?

A.For privacy reasons we do not offer digital copy of group photo. Group photo is captured for Kinder group and can be ordered in 6 x 8 print format.

Can I combine the purchase of sibling galleries into a single package?

A.Sibling galleries are separate and cannot be combined into a single package.

Each child has his/her own individual gallery which includes the sibling photos to allow maximum flexibiility and choices. Children with siblings also have more images than individual galleries which means the gallery is already of greater value compared to individual galleries.

A Note on Sibling Galleries
I have parents asking about whether they are paying the siblings images twice when they purchase the full download of both sibling galleries. Sibling images are supplied as extra. Children without siblings have set images in their galleries, sibling galleries each have the same set individual images PLUS sibling images. This means if parents purchase full digital galleries for both siblings the siblings photos are essentially free of charge.

What if I forgot and missed the ordering date?

A.Digitals are available if the order date has been missed. Please get in touch with Eetane to have the gallery reactivated. Each reactivation incurs a $20 fee.

Do you retouch cuts and bruises on skin?

A.Cuts and bruises can be retouched from $15 per image depending on the extent of editing required. Please contact Eetane for a quote prior to purchasing.

When will I receive the prints?

A.All prints will be delivered to the centre approximately 2-3 weeks after the order closing date. Digitals are available for download instantly upon purchase.

Do you offer artwork and albums?

A.Yes! All albums and artwork products such as canvas, acrylic mount, metal and wood prints come from professional quality lab that are not available in retail places. The craftsmanship, colours accuracy and quality comes with 75 years guarantee. Please feel free to contact Eetane to discuss these options.

Do you offer private photography sessions?

A.Yes! Limited full and mini sessions are available both indoor and outdoor. Mini sessions are seasonal only. Follow Eetane on Facebook and Instagram to be informed when mini sessions are released.

Useful Tips for the day of the photoshoot

  • Clothing selection plays an important factor. In general, plain and solid colours clothing are best, as it allows your child to be the centre of attention.
  • Avoid bright colour clothing such as red, bright pink, bright green as they draw attention away from faces.
  • Pastel colours are great and works really well with jeans, skirts, or khaki pants.
  • Small prints and pattern are fine, avoid big prints or licensed images like Disney as they are usually distracting.
  • A little effort on hairstyle goes a long way, a good suggestion would be a little hair spray or clips to keep the hair in tip top shape.
  • Avoid packing messy food such as spaghetti bolognese on photo day as the food might stain the clothing or faces.
  • Due to covid restriction, only siblings attending the same centre will be photographed on parents request, both siblings are to be registered for individual portraits. The same rules apply to non-siblings, where involved children are to be registered individually and full consent granted by parents of related parties as per privacy terms and conditions.


  • To ensure the wellbeing and safety of the staff and children, extra care and precautions are in place in order to minimise risk exposures.
  • Camera equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before each photo session.

Professional Accreditation and accolades

Eetane Yong Photography acknowledges the Boonwurrung/Bunurong and Wurrundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation as Traditional Owners and Custodians. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and uphold Traditional Owner’s continuing relationship to the land on which we live and work.